Obstacle Racing Media Covers the Full Spectrum on Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Racing Media Covers the Full Spectrum on Obstacle Course Racing

As a beginner in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), I’m always looking for helpful and insightful information on a range of topics related to the sport. There have been times I was looking for information related to training and other times related to gear. I also wanted to understand who the pros were, how they perform, and what they did to get to where they are now. I’ve found a single source that is consistently excellent in the information they provide on the sport of OCR — Obstacle Racing Media (ORM).

Jonathon Albon is one of the highest paid pros in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing [image used by permission from Obstacle Racing Media]

From the time you arrive on the home page, you just know you came to the right place. Exceptionally well-organized, anyone interested in the sport of OCR (regardless of experience level) can find something of interest. The top navigation contains links to everything from a calendar of upcoming races to stories of inspirational transformations that are the result of people getting into OCR. There are plenty of articles on training, gear, race reviews, race results, and even discount codes for the races.

One of the first articles that attracted me to ORM [image used by permission from Obstacle Racing Media]

As for the content of their blog, they have a long list of authors, so you’re getting a fresh, new perspective on every topic. I especially like the race reviews, as they are so polished and provide you with a thorough account of the race and the overall experience. I recently attempted to write a review of the Savage Race I recently attended, and of course mine is no where close to the level of ORM’s. I’m inspired by ORM and hope to be writing on that level some day.

Co-founder Matt B. Davis does a weekly podcast that covers a variety of topics and is sometimes delivered on-location from the races. He interviews race winners, runner-ups, first-timers, spectators (pretty much anyone he can get to step up to the mic) to provide the listener with the full spectrum experience of the race. Hearing direct from the racers about their experience and perspective of the race is a great way to get a feel for what it’s like and even get some free tips.

Obstacle Racing Media was started to be a single source of information for anyone interested in the sport, regardless of skill level or experience. From the elite racers to the first-timers, Obstacle Racing Media truly has something for everyone. I have made it a regular stop to keep up with current events in the sport and keep learning more about my newfound passion.

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