About Us

About Us

How I Got Into Obstacle Course Racing

It was earlier this year in March when my friend Mark asked me if I’d like to do an obstacle course race with him.  I asked him a few questions about it, as I’d never done an obstacle course race before and had no idea what to expect.  He had only run one other one, the Warrior Dash, so it’s not like he had all the answers I was looking for, but enough to pique my curiosity.

I signed up for the BoneFrog Challenge.  When I learned it was owned and operated by Navy SEALS, I was a bit nervous. This definitely increased the challenge level and made the race that much more intriguing and exciting.   What was I getting myself into?  What kind of obstacles would there be?  I had no idea what to expect.  This was my first race after all — a total newbie.  I was introducing myself to obstacle course racing on what is considered one of the toughest obstacle course races.

Needless to say, it was challenging!  They say it’s only 8 miles or something like that, but if you figure in all the bleachers we ran and the 24 filghts of stairs on the Circuit of America’s tower we climbed up and down, it was probably more like 10 miles — sure felt like it anyways.

I survived BoneFrog and as soon as I jumped over the fire pit at the end of the race, I was hooked!  I couldn’t wait for another race and it came in the form of the Spartan Super.  Since then I’ve done the Savage Race and Rugged Maniac, with Warrior Dash coming up in the near future.

Purpose Behind This Site

I’m 47 years old.  This site is for others like me that are over 40 and are getting started or want to get started in obstacle course racing.  I’m no expert, but my intentions are to provide readers with unbiased and insightful advice and information about the races and the sport in general from a beginner’s perspective.  I hope I can help others avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve had to endure and maybe be inspirational in their fitness and personal goals.  You’re not too old and the hardest part is just getting started.  If you’ve been looking for something to put your energy into that is rewarding on multiple levels, then this is it.  Obstacle Course Racing is definitely challenging, but I’m willing to bet, just like me, you’ll be hooked as soon as you jump over that fire pit and they put that first medal around your neck.